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Cosmic Tumble


The background is made from an Irish linen tablecloth that has been tie-dyed. The figures and orbs have been machine appliqued and the piece has been machine quilted.

Cosmic Tumble is my depiction of how two people can come together, be flung together, and then how does it play out? She represents the moon and he the sun. The ending is commiserate with the alignment of the stars and the planets. Does it fizzle quickly, or last a lifetime? Or, does it matter if there's only the present now? Hm...

It measures 37 1/2" wide x 25 3/4" long. There's a sleeve on the back in which to put a dowel for easy hanging. The edges are bound in cotton fabric and hand stitched on the back. All the fabrics are of cotton fiber, including the cotton batting. You can peruse my blog http://jillluigs.blogspot.com/2014/01/ive-been-selling-dresses-like-hotcakes.html for more images of this piece.