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Purple Heart


I was feeling a bit purplish and heart-y when I made this gem. The beads in the upper left are made from scraps of tie-dyed t-shirts and embroidery floss. With needle in hand I can zone out while stitching away. Eventually the bones start to ache or the muscles tighten, and then I realize that I've been sitting in one position for way too long. Hazards of doing what I love to do. This is my peaceful meditation. Enjoy.

This wall hanging is made completely by hand. It's hand quilted extensively and hand embroidered with hand-dyed embroidery floss. It's made with 100% cotton fabrics and cotton batting as filler. The background is tie-dyed from a cotton sheet. It measures 21 3/4" wide x 20 1/2" long. There's a sleeve on the back for easy hanging ability.